NEICA Supports Electric Works and Do It Best

The Northeast Indiana Construction Alliance supports the Electric Works project and the tremendous amount of growth and revitalization it will bring to our local community. This major development will immediately and in the long term add jobs, talent, and investment to the region.

Providing a forward-thinking location for Do It Best will keep the corporate headquarters where it belongs – in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Do It Best is a major employer with over 400 employees, which equates to millions of dollars remaining in our local economy. Our local government should continue to work together with RTM Ventures to provide the economic support needed to keep Do It Best and the other companies, both local and new to our community, right here in our neighborhood. This is a big win for our city, county, and local communities.

RTM Ventures is working to finalize their financial commitments in order to proceed with construction of the GE Campus, so please give them the time to wrap up the details so our city can continue to be the leader in attracting and retaining good paying jobs and highly sought after quality of life. The Alliance strongly recommends that our local elected officials focus on moving the Electric Works project forward now.

On behalf of the Advisory Board of the Alliance,

Mike Avila, Director

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