BGCFW Project Blueprint Field Trip

The Project Blueprint group recently visited the Ironworkers Local 147 training center with instructors Ron Andrews and Joe Stracte. The group started off with a tour of the facility showing the kids the types of equipment the Ironworkers use. After securing them in the proper safety equipment, the kids were taken up in the lift to get the feel of working at heights which is sometimes required on a construction site. The kids were shown how metal is bent and shaped using a “Coupon“, which is a raw piece of metal using a 500° flame. In the hands-on portion members, using an 1800° flame, cut metal along a straight line and learned how to properly position their body and arms to accomplish this. They wore safety jackets, goggles, and gloves under close supervision while performing the task. Their goal was to make straight, smooth cuts with the torch and our kids did remarkably well. Thank you Ron and Joe for your expert teaching.

Article submitted by Sheri Tatman, Fundraising & Marketing Manager


2609 Fairfield Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Phone: (260) 744-0998  Ext. 133


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