Brooks Construction

Project Blueprint for the current school year ended on a high note with our members learning about road work from Carly Buchanan, Diana Catota, and Erick Patton from Brooks Construction.
The kids were shown various sizes of rock and how the asphalt is layered to keep the roadway, smooth and long lasting.
One interesting fact is that recycled roadway (tonnage) is the largest recycled product in the world ahead of paper and plastic.
Kids learned that most roadways are made with recycled material. The kids went outdoors and looked at the work done by Brooks Construction on our parking lot and compared it to the original blueprints.
Kids learned about the effects of weather and the difference between asphalt and concrete and when and how those materials are used.
Thanks to Brooks Construction and to all of you who have participated and supported Project Blueprint this past year.
Looking forward to the fall.

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