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BGCFW Project Blueprint Update

LaVar Brewer along with Romeró Roméro from the Plumbers and Steamfitters 166, created an exciting and informative Project Blueprint for our members at their training facility. They provided a detailed tour which included: a welding room; a model 2-story home exposing the frame structure showing the set-up for water intake and drainage; a 5ft deep sand-pit to demonstrate how pipe is laid below the frost line to prevent freezing, and the HVAC training lab. The club members, utilizing skills learned in prior training lessons with LaVar, were able to use a blow torch to solder copper pipes together and reviewed the processes used to clean and cut various pipes. Thank you LaVar and Romeró for this excellent training session filled with so much information. We also wish to thank Kent Prosser and Les Zimmerman who helped create a positive and energetic environment for our members.

Article submitted by Sheri Tatman, Fundraising & Marketing Manager


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FWCS and Ford Next Generation Learning

Fort Wayne Community Schools recently held a planning session with Ford Next Generation Learning. The focus of the collaboration is to create a new learning path to prepare students for careers, life-long learning and leadership.

NEICA’s Mike Avila, Tom Case, Kent Prosser and Darryl Esterline attended the session. NEICA is excited to see where our program can work in partnership with this new venture.

Visit the Ford Next Generation Learning website to learn more. https://fordngl.com/

Ford NGL: Helping communities prepare future scientists, inventors, public servants and entrepreneurs.

Kent Prosser leads team building session to victory!