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Eagle Marsh Barn Repairs & Upgrades and New Entrance Gate

Little River Wetlands Project

The Little River Wetlands Project’s barn at Eagle Marsh, located on Engle Road in Fort Wayne, serves as the headquarters for their many activities throughout the year.

Earlier this year, the Northeast Indiana Construction Alliance partnered with Little River Wetlands Project to assist them with several needed repairs and upgrades to the barn and fabrication and installation of a new entrance gate. 

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteers who donated their time and skills and our partners who donated funding and project materials, we were able to provide these repairs and improvements at nearly no cost to this great asset to our community. 

We are incredibly proud of this partnership, our volunteers and partners and appreciate their desire to support our community.


New Barn Floor  The gravel was removed in the back half of the barn and a new concrete slab poured.   The Plasterers and Cement Masons Local 692’s Apprenticeship paid for the concrete and donated the labor to install the new floor.  Volunteers from Laborers Local 213 and Brooks Construction Company, Inc. also joined in. 

New Entrance Gate   All the materials and labor for the fabrication and installation were donated by Ironworkers Local 147 staff and apprentices.   Retired Painters Local 469 member Randy Thieme painted the gate.

Interior Barn Lighting Upgrades & Heaters   Apprentices from IBEW 305 installed lights and Hi-Tech Electric installed new heaters.   IBEW Quality Connection made a large donation to cover the cost of the materials. 

New Gutters were donated and installed by Smart Local 20 and SMACNA.

The Barn Doors were repaired and new rollers installed by Mike Avila and Little River volunteers.

New Barn Entry Door  The door and materials donated by FCI Construction, Carpenters Local 232 and IPS Supply.  Strahm installed the door.

Barn Painted All painting was done by Strahm Group – Local Painters Local 469 volunteer.  Sherwin Williams supplied the paint at a discount and MacAllister Machinery donated the use of the lift. 

A Complete List of Donors

Brooks Construction

IMI Materials

Smart Local 20, SMACNA

Cement Masons Local 692

Hagerman Construction Company

Ironworkers Local 147

Laborers Local 213

FCI Construction

Carpenters Local 232

Millwrights Local 1076

IBEW Quality Connection

IBEW Local 305

Painters Allied Trades District Council 91

Strahm Group, Inc

Northeast Indiana Construction Alliance

Northeast Indiana Building Trades Council

Hi-Tech Electric

Interior Products Supply

MacAllister Machinery Sales, Service & Parts

Sherwin Williams

BGCFW Project Blueprint Update: Thank you for an amazing year!

Chris Roberts, friends and student volunteers ended the Project Blueprint year with a mixture of projects for the kids.

After creating candy machines at the academy last week, the kids were exposed to additional basic carpentry including a power tool and pounding nails with a $300 hammer. Additional basics of electricity and plumbing as well as a masonry project at the Fort Wayne Community Schools Career Academy masonry room were also part of the learning experience.

The club wishes to thank all of the volunteers in each of the building trades, our friends at FWCS Career Academy and our donors and sponsors for helping this past year to show our members pathways to better futures. They really nailed it!

It’s been an amazing year and we will see you all back here in the fall.

Article submitted by Sheri Tatman, Fundraising & Marketing Manager


2609 Fairfield Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Phone: (260) 744-0998  Ext. 133

Email: statman@bgcfw.org

BGCFW Project Blueprint Update

LaVar Brewer along with Romeró Roméro from the Plumbers and Steamfitters 166, created an exciting and informative Project Blueprint for our members at their training facility. They provided a detailed tour which included: a welding room; a model 2-story home exposing the frame structure showing the set-up for water intake and drainage; a 5ft deep sand-pit to demonstrate how pipe is laid below the frost line to prevent freezing, and the HVAC training lab. The club members, utilizing skills learned in prior training lessons with LaVar, were able to use a blow torch to solder copper pipes together and reviewed the processes used to clean and cut various pipes. Thank you LaVar and Romeró for this excellent training session filled with so much information. We also wish to thank Kent Prosser and Les Zimmerman who helped create a positive and energetic environment for our members.

Article submitted by Sheri Tatman, Fundraising & Marketing Manager


2609 Fairfield Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Phone: (260) 744-0998  Ext. 133

Email: statman@bgcfw.org