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FWCS and Ford Next Generation Learning

Fort Wayne Community Schools recently held a planning session with Ford Next Generation Learning. The focus of the collaboration is to create a new learning path to prepare students for careers, life-long learning and leadership.

NEICA’s Mike Avila, Tom Case, Kent Prosser and Darryl Esterline attended the session. NEICA is excited to see where our program can work in partnership with this new venture.

Visit the Ford Next Generation Learning website to learn more. https://fordngl.com/

Ford NGL: Helping communities prepare future scientists, inventors, public servants and entrepreneurs.

Kent Prosser leads team building session to victory!

BGCFW Project Blueprint Update

Ron Anderson and Joe from the Ironworkers Local 147 taught our club members 6 knots that every construction worker needs to know. Each one has a unique purpose in the construction world and it’s important to know when and how to use them. They started with the Square Knot, secure and stable and used to tie 2 ropes together.  The Clove Hitch, stays secure and does not slip, used to secure a rope to a post or tree. The Bowline, creates a loop at the end of the rope that won’t shrink or expand. A Bowline on a Bike, similar to the regular Bowline except it’s in the middle of the rope. The Figure 8, creates a stopping point in the rope. And finally the Sheet Bend, this knot is used to join two ropes of different materials or thicknesses. The club kids loved learning to tie all of these and even added an extra one to the lesson, the Lasso. Not used in construction, but loved by kids everywhere.

The Ironworks also gave the club members a lesson in reading a tape measure and why it is important to know the value of each line between the inch marks.

Thank you Ron and Joe for working with our kids this week.

Article submitted by Sheri Tatman, Fundraising & Marketing Manager


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