BGCFW: Welcome back to our Project Blueprint training!

Our 2022/2023 school year will be filled with new and exciting learning opportunities!

Cassie Carlson, Rick Sparks and Logan Bowling from Tonn and Blank Construction started us off with an awesome carpentry and construction project to build wall and floor panels. The lesson included teaching the kids to make accurate measurements, introduced them to using a Miter Saw to cut the wood and hammer & nails to construct the walls. The kids embraced the challenge and worked together to complete their projects. Thank you Tonn and Blank Construction for your preparation and time on this project. We also wish to thank our volunteer helpers from Amazon and the FWCS Career Academy students, your help makes all this possible.

Article submitted by Sheri Tatman, Fundraising & Marketing Manager


2609 Fairfield Avenue

Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Phone: (260) 744-0998  Ext. 133


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