Brooks Construction

Project Blueprint for the current school year ended on a high note with our members learning about road work from Carly Buchanan, Diana Catota, and Erick Patton from Brooks Construction.
The kids were shown various sizes of rock and how the asphalt is layered to keep the roadway, smooth and long lasting.
One interesting fact is that recycled roadway (tonnage) is the largest recycled product in the world ahead of paper and plastic.
Kids learned that most roadways are made with recycled material. The kids went outdoors and looked at the work done by Brooks Construction on our parking lot and compared it to the original blueprints.
Kids learned about the effects of weather and the difference between asphalt and concrete and when and how those materials are used.
Thanks to Brooks Construction and to all of you who have participated and supported Project Blueprint this past year.
Looking forward to the fall.

Project Blueprint

Shambaugh and Son Fire Protection Service Division welcomed the BGC Project Blueprint program members to the new Shambaugh service building located at 1818 Research Drive.  

Cavin Gray, service sales estimator, began with the history of Shambaugh and the fire pump and sprinkler design and function. 

Cavin also provided a tour of the warehouse to show the kids what a fire pump and sprinkler risers look like.  

Mike Spaulding, Fire Extinguisher Manager, taught the kids the importance of the first line of fire defense – fire extinguishers.  The kids enjoyed the hands on virtual simulator of putting out a fire. 

After mastering the simulator, the kids experienced extinguishing a live fire.  

Overall, the kids learned the importance of life and fire safety and will be able to pass on the knowledge to their loved ones.

They may also consider careers in the field.

Thanks to Shambaugh and their wonderful, dedicated volunteers.


BGCFW: Project Blueprint Update: 3/30/2023

This week’s Project Blueprint training took the club kids on a trip to the Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 training center. Volunteers Greyson Mishler, Kody Grant and Bailey Odier gave the kids a tour of the facility and then demonstrated how designs are created with their AutoCAD system, and used the design to make the parts of a handy tool tray. Following the design instructions, the kids used  drills, hammers and other tools to assemble the trays. Our club members learned so much from this experience and had a great time working with the volunteers. A huge thank you to Darryl Esterline and the Sheet Metal Workers Local 20 for your committed partnership to teaching our youth about the trades.


The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union Local 4

The Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union Local 4 taught Project Blueprint this past week with kids involved in masonry work as well as fine finishing work using spacers and tile. They help mix grout and apply and place the bricks.

BGCFW: Project Blueprint Update: 3/8/23

UA Local 166 Plumbers and Steamfitters

UA Local 166 Plumbers and Steamfitters member LaVar Brewer assisted students in cutting, sweating and soldering pipe. They broke into groups for the exercise and each had the opportunity to complete the project. They learned about the sizing of various copper pipes as well.

Northeast Indiana Construction Alliance