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Project Blueprint

Shambaugh and Son Fire Protection Service Division welcomed the BGC Project Blueprint program members to the new Shambaugh service building located at 1818 Research Drive.  

Cavin Gray, service sales estimator, began with the history of Shambaugh and the fire pump and sprinkler design and function. 

Cavin also provided a tour of the warehouse to show the kids what a fire pump and sprinkler risers look like.  

Mike Spaulding, Fire Extinguisher Manager, taught the kids the importance of the first line of fire defense – fire extinguishers.  The kids enjoyed the hands on virtual simulator of putting out a fire. 

After mastering the simulator, the kids experienced extinguishing a live fire.  

Overall, the kids learned the importance of life and fire safety and will be able to pass on the knowledge to their loved ones.

They may also consider careers in the field.

Thanks to Shambaugh and their wonderful, dedicated volunteers.

Veterans Memorial Grand Entrance Sign Reveal

Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum Grand Entrance Marker

To honor and support our veterans, the following people and organizations came together and built this entrance sign…

Volunteers and Donations:

The Northeast Indiana Construction Alliance and the Northeast Indiana Building and Construction Trades, both at 6345 Innovation Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 are proud to list the following as participants in the building of the grand entrance sign at 2122 O’Day Rd, Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum. This entrance marker was the design of Creative Resourses, Principal Matt Schlau.

1. Fox Contractors, 5430 W. Ferguson Rd, Fort Wayne, IN   46809, donated crew and equipment to excavate footers, Principal: Dallas Day, Labor Union: Operators Local 103.

2. Carpenters Local 232, 1520 Profit Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, Principal Tom Case, Ron Clements donated the laying out of the footers and wall lines.

3. Cement Masons Local 692, 3626 N. Wells St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, Principal Mark McCleskey and Chip Spicer, Chip placed 13 yards of concrete, paid for by Local 692.

4. Ironworkers Local 147, 6345 Innovation Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818, Principal Ron Starkey, donated and delivered the rebar for the project and member Joe Strack installed on site.  

5. Bricklayers Local 4, 7301 Decatur Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46816, Principal Glenn Head, Glenn organized the donated and discounted material, organized labor to build the masonry structure of the sign.

List of Local 4 member volunteers: Ian Dekeolakos, Russell White, Caiden Brockhaus, Stefanee Ochoa, Dennis Snider, Tom McBride, Glenn Head, Andreas Garcia De Dios, Mike Avila, Brandon Bobay, Dan Flores, Scott Carnahan.

6. Laborers Local 213, 5700 S. Anthony, Fort Wayne, IN 46806, Principals Chris Guerrero, Steve East, Von Jefferson, donated the labor to support the masonry work.

List of Local 213 member volunteers: Ta Nisha Royal, Korey Joyner, Steve East, Von Jefferson, Chris Guerrero.

7. Fetters Construction, 5417 County Rd 427, Auburn, IN 46706, Principals Eric Pederson, Nick Alwine, Denise DeMuyt coordinated the donation of 1,800 brick for the wall, and the use of a mortar mixer and masonry saw with no charge for delivery.

8. Masolite, 2200 Lafontain St., Fort Wayne, IN 46802, Principal Steve Ratliff, donated 260 four 4” block and 22 bags of mortar with no charge for delivery.

9. Nob Brick and Fireplace, 4936 Nob Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, Principal Bob Benhower, provided 65’ of Indiana limestone cap a greatly reduced cost with no charge for delivery.

10. Rose Brick, 3000 Wells St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, Principal Todd Hoy, picked up donated brick from Fetters Construction yard in Auburn, delivered to Veterans Memorial Shrine at no charge.

11. Stone Street Quarries, Inc, 5536 Hoagland Rd, Hoagland, IN 46745, donated 4 yards of mason sand.

12. Friar Enterprises, 4025 Lower Huntington Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46809, donated the delivery of 4 yards of mason sand.

13. Dirig Sheet Metal, 918 W. Cook Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, Principal Stan Watkins,  built and installed decorative metal fence, Labor Union: Sheet Metal Workers Local 20.

14. Quality Connection, 136 Chambeau Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, Labor/Management organization for Electricians Local 305, Principals Kip Howard, Chris Batchelder, Jon Waters, and the Union Electrical Contractors, provided the labor and material cost for Complete Electrical Services, Inc, 6020 Huguenard Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 to install the lighting for the sign. All-Phase Electric Supply, 710 Ley Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825, Ryan Wales, supplied electrical material to the project.

15. MP Brick Cleaning, P.O. Box 182, Hudson, IN 46747, Principal Mark Phillips, Labor Union Bricklayers Local 4 IN/KY, donated power washing the sign for the final cleanup. 

For more information about the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum, including the grand opening events, visit honoringforever.org.

Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum

Carpenters Local 232 donated materials, for a Cupola to house the new speakers at the Veterans National Memorial Shrine and Museum located at 2122 O’Day Rd Fort Wayne, IN.

IKORCC Represntative Tom Case, and Local 232 Veterans Ron Clements, Dave Straub, and John Evans volunteered to honor our veterans and lend a helping hand.

Darryl Esterline with Local 20 SMART Sheet Metal Workers, also volunteered to supply metal flashing and help with Instalation.

We are all proud to donate our time and skills to honor those who are actively serving and those who have fallen, to protect us here at home.